Thursday, February 11, 2010


I installed the front forks and the rear suspension, on the rear I have a Ohlins shock with a Simons link that I had made with the help of Jay from the Yahoo CR480 group, I also had all the bushings remade for the rear suspension with grease groves and ports so it can be greased without taking it all apart. The swingarm and all the aluminum parts was acid dipped and anodized. The forks were hard anodized, I also have race tech springs and Emulators in the forks.


  1. Hi, That is a very nice job you are making there - I imagine it is now a completed and well adjusted racebike by now? How do you go about selecting a correct Ohlins shock for a CR480? I've had a good look around and can find no reference to the older bikes at all. Any idea how different an 84 CR500 unit is at all? Any guidance would be most appreciated.
    Graeme :-)

  2. Graeme, The 84 Shock is longer than the 83 so it will not work. I would call VMX Racing for a 83 Ohlins Shock. DG

  3. Beautiful work you are doing here. I am putting a CR480R 1983 fork on a XR500 C&J I am rebuilding.

    I need some guidance/help re setting the perforated ring that is INSIDE the BOTTOM of the TUBE. This ring has 4 holes on its periphery that can match one hole on the tube.

    I am tempted to align one of the holes with the hole in the tube. Is that what it should be?

    Also, that inside ring seems to castellated probably for a special tool. Is that right, where can I get this tool and how to use it?

    I suppose that there must be tuning instructions somewhere right?


    Eric F

  4. Eric, Can you send me some photos of what you are doing to,

  5. Hi, Thank you for getting back to me regarding my CR480 rear shock question. I am finding it quite difficult to source any alternative unit other than the Ohlins - lovely unit but a bit to much for my current budget unfortunately.

  6. Hi,
    Fantastic work! Awesome bike. Just starting work on my 83' 480 resto. Was curious about the Simmons link - had you considered using the link from the 84' 480 which was supposedly longer and the inspiration for the Simmons link?. And do you know if Jay is able to replicate more of these? Also have you tested the suspension yet?
    Best Regards - any help appreciated!

  7. Jon, The 84 link will not work on the 83 cr. I had the links made along with the bushings, There is going to be a new batch of links and bushings made in the next month if you would like one just say. DG

  8. Thanks for your response DG!,
    Yes...would very much like to obtain the link and bushings
    Please let me know who to contact.
    Thanks Again,

  9. Howdy....I own a CR480, not nearly as nice as yours but it works pretty well. I was wondering if you can tell me a little bit more about the link? Does it hold the rear end up higher? I struggle with mine; even with a fresh Works Perf. shock with the correct shock spring and sag, the overall attitude of the bike is decidedly "chopper-ish". It drives me nuts! Marty